WiFi not being remembered

Using Keychain First Aid

  1. Hit Command+Spacebar to bring up Spotlight, launch “Keychain Access”
  2. Pull down the “Keychain Access” menu and select “Keychain First Aid”
  3. Enter the password accompanying the given user name
  4. Check “Repair” and click on “Start”

If this doesn’t work then we can try removing the wireless networks from Keychain.

Remove Wireless Networks from Keychain

  1. Hit Command+Spacebar for Spotlight and search for “Keychain Access”, launch the app
  2. Using Keychain Access search box in the upper right corner, search for “Airport network password”
  3. Locate and select the name of the problematic router, if there are multiple entries for a single router select them all
  4. Right-click on the router name and choose “Delete RouterName”
  5. Authenticate the removal, then close out of Keychain Access
  6. Reboot the Mac and re-join the wireless network

Mac OS X should now remember the wifi password without incident.

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