Shrink VHD

How to Shrink a VHDX

Open an elevated PowerShell prompt on a host that has access to the VHDX file. A remote PowerShell session to a suitable host will also work. If the target volume is on an SMB share, be aware that a remote session to the host will be subjected to the double-hop issue. Try to get directly to the system that holds the target file.

  1. The VM must be in the Off state before you can proceed. Online resize is supported only for growth operations.
  2. Use  Get-VHD as described above to verify that the MinimumSize is present and is smaller than the Size.
  3. Use Resize-VHD to finish up. Your best option is to use the -ToMinimumSize parameter, although you have other options, viewable in Get-Help .

Verify the results in the VM’s Disk Management tool or Get-Volume.

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