DNS not working over VPN

Set the metric of my LAN connection to be higher (15) than the one windows assigns to the VPN (11).

This can be done two ways:

  • Through the GUI: Network connections, Properties, TCP/IP v4 Properties, Advanced, Set Metric to 15; Also needs to be done on the VPN to turn off automatic metric.
  • Command line: netsh int ip set interface interface=<CONNECTION NAME> metric=<number>

The effect is immediate (at least when using the command line) but if done via the GUI the VPN will need to be reconnected.

This works with Split Tunneling and is a permanent fix across reconnections and reboots.

Note that you could also change the metric of the VPN instead of the LAN connection, but this wouldn’t be permanent as Windows resets the metric when the connection is established.

Depending on your environment, you may have a different default metric for your LAN and VPN connection. Simply adjust accordingly so that your VPN has a lower metric than your LAN connection.

Furthermore, if you find that you cannot edit your VPN’s TCP/IP properties because┬áthat was also broken in Windows 10, you can┬áset most properties through Powershell:

1. Get-VpnConnection
2. Set-VpnConnection -Name "myVPN" -SplitTunneling $True
3. Set-VpnConnection -Name "myVPN" -DnsSuffix yourdomain.local

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