Cisco inbound outbound filtering

Show access-list

If there are any outside_access_out or inside_access_out or inside_access_in rules then it means there is some outbound filtering.

If they’re all  outside_access_in  then it means there is not.

What is the difference between inside_access_in and inside_access_out ?

Inside_access_in and Inside_access_out are just friendly names for your access lists.

Inside_access_in is an ‘Inbound’ access-list, and inside_access_out is an ‘Outbound’ access list. An inbound access-list is applied to traffic as it ENTERS that interface. Inversely, an outbound access-list is applied to traffic as it EXITS that interface. So if you apply an inbound access-list to your inside interface, then it will apply to traffic that enters the inside interface from the inside network.

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